TITO RINESI  began his musical activity in 1968 by playing the  american west coast and folk music with his harmonica and acoustic guitar ( he also performed at Giancarlo Cesaroni’s renowned Folkstudio in Rome, where Bob Dylan himself once held a live concert ).

In 1972 he performed with the Living Music, a multi-media band inspired by the Beat Generation poets (Ginsberg, Kerouac, Fernanda Pivano) and by the Indian philosophy. Singing his composition “Go on” with this band, he won first prize in the Avantgarde and New Trends Music Festival in Rome.

In 1972-73 plays acoustic guitar in live concerts with Antonello Venditti

In 1973 his encounter with the Project Artaud artists in San Francisco put him in contact with the hippy and psychedelic movement, and the meeting in Rome with the indian singer Pandit Pran Nath ( teacher of Terry Riley, LaMonte Young,Jon Hassell, Don Cherry, Lee Konitz) left a lasting mark on his opening and creativity.
In the same period, performs with the acoustic group Dulcimer

In 1974 he joined the progressive rock band Saintjust and recorded an LP “ La casa del lago “ published by EMI Corporation ( the female singer was Jenny Sorrenti )

In 1976, as the band stopped playing, he continued researching and studying traditional musical systems all over the world, with a special interest for India,  Middle East and the Mediterraneanbasin; and started to compose several soundtracks for the screen, the stage, radio and TV, combining elements ( scales, sounds, rhythmic and melodic structures ) originating from various cultural traditions, leading Western and Eastern worlds to live together and North and South to get closer.

From 1988 on, he began recording again his music on CD, inspired by the eastern ethnical instruments  ( mainly bouzouki, saz and indian harmonium).
Since more than 15 years he works for  the  RAI TV corporation, composing soundtracks for several broadcasts and telecasts and contributing to their Music Library with 20 CDs (4 with Fonit/Warner and 18 with RAI Trade)
Seen as a landmark for what concerns the traditional music from all over the world,
composes also historical, ambient, chillout, classic and experimental music.

In his very long career published more than 40 CDs


Composer and musicologist in the field of ethnic and popular traditions from the world, plays plectrum instruments like bouzouki, saz, baglamas, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards and electronic devices, and sings.
Studied Music History at the “ La Sapienza “ University in Rome and privately : guitar, piano, solfeggio and classic singing.

Attended courses or workshops in :

     #  Indian singing ( Khyal style ) with Sangeeta Chatterjee
     #  Indian singing ( Dhrupad style ) con Sayeduddin Dagar
     #  Indian singing ( Khyal style ) with Mangala Tiwari
     #  Indian singing ( Dhrupad style ) with Amelia Cuni
     #  Indian singing ( Dhrupad style ) with Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar
     #  Indian music theory with Vijay Kichlu
     #  Turkish music with Cinucen Tanrikorur
     #  Turkish ottoman singing with Ahmet Erdogdular
     #  Overtones singing with David Hykes
     #  Electronic music with Luca Spagnoletti

Partecipated in the Experimental Choir conducted by Alvin Curran, in the Baroque Choir of the Italian Center of Ancient Music and in the “ Overtone memories “ choir conducted by Roberto Laneri.

Worked for the Italian Music Therapy Association in the “ Santa Maria della Pietà “ mental hospital in Rome.   
Composed music for movies , advertising , for the stage, radio  and  television.

Since more than 15 years works with the RAI corporation ( the main national radio and TV company ), creating soundtracks for their documentaries, telecasts and reportages.

Starting in the 1974, published more than 40 CDs, mainly in the fields of soundtracks, ambient, classic and world music.