New Age & New Sound - 2009
  (...) "Between East and West - the multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher of ethnic music creates the vibrant and original Meetings sound , the project was born from the interaction between the instruments of the classical and world music"
New Age & New Sounds - 2006
(...) "he's able to propose with a new language, "spiritual" sounds, and almost no one can notice it. And this is a true mark of a great spirit"
New Age & New Sounds - 2004
(...) "the fragrances, the colours, the atmospheres and the sounds of a wonderful place, ideal meeting point between different cultures and ideologies"
Tutto Chitarra - 1998

(...) "pathos and melancholy, sweetness and naturalness, evoking pictures born from the charming sound of his string instruments"

"More than twenty years spent studying the middle-east and the mediterranean music made Tito Rinesi a leading authority in this field"
"It's really an appealing and striking sound, the one created by Tito Rinesi and his fellow travellers"
"The mediterranean pentagram of this polistrumentist (saz, piano, bouzouki, voice), accomplished composer of soundtracks, is full of appealing notes and inusual timber combinations"
"Mare Nostrum is a new adventure, but tuned toward the musical traditions from the mediterranean basin, India, and other eastern countries."
"It's a conquering sound: a mysterious and colourful festival, a continuous source of dubt and reflections about the knowledge and the essence of man."
L'isola che non c'era
"If the mediterranean climate is bound to permanently change, this is already our music."
Re Nudo
"Rinesi succedeed in embodying important lyrics in a music that would be enough to put this work among the best examples of eastern songs."
Wonderous Stories
"Dedicated to the master Henri Thomasson, “Mare Nostrum” is a very inspired work of mediterranean world music."
Il Giornale della musica
"Tito Rinesi loves searching for intimacy, for a sound that vibrates and moves emotions. His attitude resambles much of that of the eastern musicians; nothing is composed to just appear, but only to be, and to feel part of a whole."
"Tito Rinesi from Rome, is a serious scholar of sounds and instruments that he uses with sensitivity and fervour. an enchanting work."
Tutto musica
"He knows very well how to move feelings, showing a deep knowledge of the secret sonic eastern world."
"This CD by Rinesi, immediatly appears inusual and stimulating and sets himself in the musical area at the ethnic middle-east and mediterranean border."
World Music
"Between the most impressive tracks are "Ashark", a double meditation by Rinesi and Alesini, and the new splendid version of "Nel tempio della memoria"."
"...a long story, that starts thirty years ago and shows the appassionate studies about the traditional music from different middle and far eastern countries "
Guitar Club
"Tito Rinesi all alone connected to the ethnic culture, composes a music that seems to live again and be part of ancient worlds, lost long time ago."
A really cool and good album from Tito Rinesi which have plenty of eastern musical influence and mysticism. Very good songs that are quite calm, and superb to chill out to ! Very recommended !
"Popular atmospheres from Greece and Turkey; arabic, african and japanese instruments. An elegant and
enjoyful album."
"The big experience accumulated by Rinesi in all these years is condensed in the grooves of this album with deep wisdom, sentiment and communication."
World Music
"Tito Rinesi proposed refined and fancy compositions, partly acoustic and partly sampled; in great evidence the ethnic instruments played by the author."